Arbuckle ADR
Scheduling & fees
ADR Services Pre Mediation Work Hourly Rate Travel Time & Expense Reservation & Deposit Cost Sharing & Payment of Fees Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy

ADR Services

Julie Arbuckle offers services as a mediator, arbitrator, or evaluator for litigated actions and pre-litigation conflicts, such as workplace, neighbor, business, contract, or trademark disputes.¬† She also conducts workplace investigations. 


Pre-Mediation Work

$350 per side is charged for pre-mediation review of materials submitted by the parties and pre-mediation substantive telephone conferences to assist the parties and Ms. Arbuckle in preparing for the mediation.


Hourly Rate

$350 per hour for time spent during the mediation session and any post-session time authorized by the parties.  There is no administration fee.


Travel Time & Expenses

There is no charge for travel time to and from a mediation session in the North Bay Area within 30 miles of Napa.  Mediations held outside this area are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Reservation & Deposit

A deposit of $2,000 (split between the parties) is required to reserve a full-day mediation session. The date requested for the mediation session will be confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit. Additional deposits apply for cases involving four or more parties represented by separate counsel. If the total fee for the actual session (together with pre-mediation preparation and other authorized services) is less than the deposit, the balance will be refunded. If the total fee exceeds the deposit, counsel will be invoiced after the mediation session.


Cost Sharing & Payment of Fees

The Mediator’s fees and expenses will be shared equally by each party participating in the mediation, unless otherwise agreed by the parties and made known in writing to the Mediator. The respective law firms representing the parties shall be directly responsible for the fees and costs associated with the mediation. All mediation fees shall be paid within 30 days of the date of the invoice for mediation services.


Cancellations/Rescheduling Policy

If a scheduled mediation is cancelled or postponed within 7 days or less before the day of the scheduled session, the canceling or postponing party(ies) will be charged for 2 hours of mediation services, unless the time can be re-booked. If the parties do not agree on which party is the canceling party, the charges will be split equally between them.